How to Be a Top One Percenter in Your MLMHow to Be a Top One Percenter in Your MLM

How would you like an iron-clad, no fluff way to put yourself in the top 1 percent of your company?

A way to make certain you are among the leaders, among that select group who is crushing it in MLM.

There is such a way and it is breath-takingly simple.

Let’s pretend

Richard Brooke
Richard Brooke

One of my favorite teachers in the network marketing world is Richard Brooke.

One of the things I learned from Richard is how simple it is to outpace the field in a network marketing company.

Here’s a “let’s pretend” game Richard talks about in some of his training seminars.

Let’s pretend that your MLM company has figured out a way to legally pay a headhunter fee for MLM recruiting. Not only that, they will pay you for the mere act of inviting someone to “just take a look” at your MLM business opportunity.

For your part, you have to be ready to provide a tool, presentation, webinar or whatever to this person if they agree to take a look at your MLM business. That’s it.

In our pretend world, your company will pay you $500 for each person you legitimately invite to take a look at your business.

It doesn’t matter if they join or not. It doesn’t matter if they say yes or no to your invitation.

You get the $500 as long as you make the invitation.

Here’s the catch:

  1. You must ask at least one person each and every day, seven days per week. No exceptions, for any reason.
  2. You must do this for 90 days straight to get any money at all.If you miss a single day, you don’t get any money and this program is never available again.


Under those circumstances, would you, could you complete the assignment?

If you said yes, pause for a minute.

Close your eyes and think for a moment about how you would feel approaching someone.

Who would you be willing to talk to?

If you answer “anyone” (which is different than everyone), how does that feel?

Do you care whether or not the person says yes or no to your invitation?

Probably not.

How does that feel?

That feeling, that calm knowledge that you could talk to anyone about your MLM business and it wasn’t important whether they said yes or no, is what it feels like to be a professional network marketing recruiter.

Now here’s the cool part.

The mere act of inviting 90 people in 90 days to take a look at your MLM business moves you grow your businessinto the top 1% of people, in terms of production, in your company.

Only one person out of a hundred (or so) will actually attain that level of activity.

So just by doing that simple activity regularly and consistently, you’ve established yourself as a rare breed.

But it gets better.

There’s a “secret formula”

Richard teaches, and he’s been doing this for enough years that I trust his numbers, that there is a secret formula that comes into play with this kind of steady, consistent activity.

It looks like this:




2 plus 2





So just what does that mean?

The 1 is that you invite 1 person per day, 7 days per week to take a look at your MLM business.

The 2 represents that if you do the invitations at that rate, you will average 2 presentations per week, or about 8 presentations per month.

The 3 represents that from 8 presentations per month, you will recruit, on average, 3 builders per month into your MLM business.

2 plus 2. Continue at that pace for up to 2 years (probably less) until you reach a point that your business runs away from you. It starts growing faster than you can keep up with. Then throttle back on your personal recruiting (never abandon it entirely) and invest up to 2 more years focusing more on leadership (not management) and fanning the flames under your ever-increasing team.

10,000. If you do this, you will likely be earning $10,000 per month in residual income within those 4 years.

2,000,000. If you do a little research, you will discover that a recurring income of $10,000 per month has an asset value of about $2,000,000. That is what you will have created.

700. If you invite 1 per day for 2 years, you will have invited approximately 700 people to “just take a look” at your MLM business.

If you divide $2,000,000 by 700, you will find that each invitation you made, whether they agreed to watch your presentation or not, resulted in a growth in your asset value of $2,857.14. Which is a little better than the $500 we first speculated about.

And that, my friend, is how you move into the top 1% not just in production, but in income.

The question is, will you make the commitment to follow through and consistently, relentlessly invite 1 person per day to take a look?

I’m hoping you do.

Because we live in a world where restaurants have to warn people that coffee is hot, let me state that nothing in life, including this model working perfectly, is guaranteed. For myself, I believe Richard’s experience and research makes the model credible. Your mileage may vary.

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