Successful network marketing is as much a lifestyle as it is a business

There are a lot of moving parts to a successful network marketing business. Even so, building a network marketing empire really comes down to putting just a few simple systems in place. You need a system to attract prospective customers and distributors, a system to present information on the benefits of your products and/or business to these prospects, a system for staying in touch with those prospects who don’t say “yes” today and a system for training and retaining your team.

Attracting Prospects

The first thing you need in order to build a successful network marketing empire is a simple, duplicatable system to find people to talk to about your products and your opportunity. It needs to be simple enough so that new distributors with no marketing experience can use it to get started while they are building more advanced skills. If it’s too complex or takes too much of a learning curve, you will lose new people before they get a chance to even get their business off the ground.

For getting people started, there is still no better place to begin than with their warm market. One thing I learned from Dale Calvert is that the first thing you teach a new distributor is how to correctly launch their business and how to approach the warm market without sounding salesy or risking not having a place to go for Thanksgiving.

Once you have used your dupicatable system to get your new person’s business launched, you’ll move on to generating leads in their local market. Local market because it’s easier to build a team that works together if they can get together and hang out and break bread once in a while.

From there you will branch out to build nationally and internationally. This will tend to happen organically, as your expanding team brings in people they know from other states and countries.

The key is to always be using simple, duplicatable methods that you can pass on and teach to everyone in your team and they can in turn to pass on to everyone in theirs.

Staying in Touch

Most people you expose your business to will not become customers or business partners right away. Some will need more information as they move through their decision process. Others aren’t open to a new thing today but may well be down the road. Successful network marketing includes a system for staying in touch with people so that when they are ready to explore the benefits your products or business provides, you are well positioned in their mind so that they reach out to you.

The key is to provide useful information and gentle reminders of what you offer without being a pain in the neck. You don’t want to be the stereotypical sales person who is always trying to close people at every interaction. Or jamming a pitch down their throat with every email or social media post. Have a system in place to teach people how to stay in touch without alienating their prospects and you will capture a large part of this business as it naturally develops.

Building the Team

Finally, to maintain your successful network marketing empire, you need a simple method for building a team out of your disparate distrubtors so that they have a”something bigger than they are” to work with and support. This will range from back yard barbeques to coffee meetings to sizzle sessions in restaurants to big events held in hotels and resorts.

This esprit de corps will keep people building not just for themselves but to keep the team and the vision growing. If you have a purpose, a mission that you and your team deeply believe in, it will keep you moving forward when times are tough and business is slow. There will always be roadblocks. Being part of a team will help you and your people push throughthose roadblocks to reach you individual and corporate success.

Successful Network Marketing

Successful network marketing comes from finding customers, finding people who are looking for an alternative income source and helping each of those parties reach whatever goals they bring. Successful network marketing can create a lifestyle that lets you do what you want when you want. It lets you live in ways most people only dream about. Not worrying about money. Not being slave to an alarm clock or the corporate calendar. Achieving it takes a plan and dedicated follow through on that plan.

Your job is to take this framework and apply it to your business.

Retire in 5. I’ll see you on the beach.


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Steve Norris
Steve Norris

After a lifetime of some successes, more near misses and even more outright failures, I find I've gained some skills and some wisdom along the way. I'm in the continuing process of developing more of the former and hopefully a little of the latter as well. I've reached a point where my primary interest is to develop an income that can support what I call a Location Optional lifestyle. I want to live where I want, how I want and when I want. A little narcissistic, I know, but there is only so much time in life and there are still many places from where I have not seen the sun rise. Fortunately, I've been blessed with a wife who feels the same way.