steve norrisHi, I’m Steve! Allow me to introduce myself!

I’m kind of an “accidental network marketer.” I’ve worked for big companies and medium sized companies in training and management. Suffering entrepreneurial seizures, I’ve owned stores, flipped houses and sold real estate.  I’ve had some wonderful success and some staggering defeats. I’ve made a small fortune and lost it to bad planning and not reacting to changes in the economy quickly enough.

Through it all, Network Marketing has quietly chased me.

I was introduced to Amway when it was a young company and I was still in high school. While the magic of the circles and the potential for geometric growth captivated me, I was too young and undisciplined to make it work.

Several years later, I was introduced to Nuskin before it became big. I met Mark Yarnell, Marc Barret and others who would become legends in the industry. But I wasn’t the right guy for the business yet.

I was recruited by Jim Kossert, another guy who went on to be come a titan, when he was first building his group with Enrich. Despite having a great sponsor, I only managed to put together a small group of about 100 distributors. It wasn’t the sponsor… I still wasn’t ready.

No matter what I’ve been doing or where I’ve lived, God, the universe, fate, call it what you will, has kept putting network marketing in my path. I’ve joined a few companies and worked a little. I’ve spent lots and lots of time getting ready to get ready. Loads of potential without the right mindset to make it happen.

However, during those years I was also learning skills out in the “real” world. I did training and management for a couple companies, so I learned how to work with people, build teams and help them learn. I’ve owned a brick and mortar business so had to learn financial discipline, advertising and marketing. I sold houses, so had to learn how to prospect and market for leads, how to make sales and how to develop business over a span of time.

Then the last piece of the puzzle fell into place. When the economy pancaked, I realized that all my faith in the system we’ve all been trained to rely upon was misplaced. I realized that for the vast majority, the contract between employer and employee is one-sided. That the “system” for lack of a better word is rigged to keep you tied to your job and to keep you from venturing out and creating the best possible version of you that the rest of the world so desperately needs.

Network Marketing has a lousy image

I don’t like to associate myself with the bulk of network marketing today, particularly in the digital realm. There is simply too much bluster, greed and deception. Hundreds of people claiming to be the goo-roo that holds the secret to a 7-figure income, most of whom aren’t making squat with their business. The remarkable lack of substance bothers me.

Am I a marketer? Yes, I am. MLM is a business and like all businesses, its primary purpose is to attract customers.

I hope to do things a little differently, though. I’m not looking to be a celebrity. I’m certainly no guru. I’m learning new stuff all the time. I do research, I test stuff and as I do, I’ll tell you about the wins and the losses. I’ll show you how to double down on the wins and build a business that scales..

The last several years have changed my perspective on what is and isn’t important. I don’t need to be rich and famous. I only want to be comfortable and create a business that lets me spend time with my kids, travel with my wife and spoil my grand-kids whenever I eventually have them. My mission here is to learn and to help people grow into their best selves and to enjoy life as it was meant to be.

I use the skills I’ve developed in training and marketing to help people build their own businesses and break free of the system in which we are all just cogs in the machine. As I continue to learn more techniques and strategies to create network marketing success, I’ll be passing them along here.

We only get about 60 years as adults in this life. Why would we spend 40 of them building the dreams of people who will only cast us aside when they determine they can outsource our job to India or China? Why would we chain ourselves to a desk rather than work from a beach or a cabin in the mountains and do more good for more people at the same time? Why would we spend 50 to 60 hours per week away from our families?

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can build a business that lets you live where you want, when you want and how you want. You can be there for your kids as they grow up. You can build wealth so you don’t have to depend on a questionable Social Security system when you get older. You can have your cake, eat it and go back for more. You can be magnificent. I’d like to help.