3 Tips to Unlock Your MLM BusinessNetwork Marketing Success – 3 Powerful Tips To Unlock your Business and Crush Your Goals.

As I study people and watch how folks who are achieving network marketing success operate, I’ve noticed that whether they do it online or offline, there’s a pattern to their behavior. At the same time, it seems that the folks who don’t reach the success they are looking for in MLM also operate the same way as each other. So what are the differences?

What makes one person tend to reach network marketing success and crush their goals while another person, with the same opportunity, struggles?

There are a lot of factors that contribute to network marketing success, but there are 3 things that the heavy hitters have in common that separate them from the crowd. Adopting these 3 mindset principles will help put you on the path to network marketing success.

Network Marketing Success Tips #1 – Adopt an Owner’s Mindset

Owners think very differently from employees.

To reach network marketing success will require you to shift your thinking and your outlook to that of an owner, an entrepreneur.

Most folks that are employees value security. They want the assurance of a steady paycheck. They want the predictability of a 40 hour week.

They want to put in their 40 hours, draw a paycheck for that 40 hours and go home. The success of the business they work for is only relevant to them in terms of the stability of their check.

As a rule, employees are content to set what most would label is “realistic” goals for their careers. They want to move up, but they don’t want ultimate control. Even high level managers and CEOs often share this mindset.

Owners, on the other hand, value financial freedom and the success of their business more than most anything else. They understand that there are no guarantees for any of us, even the security focused employee. They have a longer term view and understand that they may have to put in long hours and hard earned dollars to get their business to grow.

Owners show up early, stay late and sometimes go without drawing income to make sure their employees get paid. Sometimes they crash and burn and feel the gnawing fear that they might not be able to cover payroll, or meet a vital deadline for a customer.

But owners persevere.

When things are going sour, they work to discover why.

If there is a problem in sales, or production they work to find and implement a solution.

Every misstep, every failure, every missed sale provides an opportunity to learn, grow and eventually dominate.

To crush it in network marketing, you must be willing to work now for gain later. You must be willing to try, fail, learn and try again. You have to put in your 7 to 10 hours per week faithfully and consistently in order to see the momentum of growth that your efforts will eventually produce.

The steps to success in our business are simple, but they must be done consistently over time to bear fruit.

Network Marketing Success Tips #2 – You have to grow you

I have a couple friends who are PhDs. A few more with their MBAs. They invested tens upon tens of thousands of dollars for their education.

The average graduate from college in 2015 had $35,000 in student loan debt. That average graduate makes a little over $45,000 per year.

And they are working a plan that, they hope, will let them retire after 40 years.

If they can ever afford to retire.

And yet people come into network marketing and get upset if they aren’t making $4000 on their third check.

Network Marketing success shouldn't be frustratingThat’s a pretty frustrating situation.

The reality is that if you diligently work your 7 to 10 hours per week, in 2 to 4 years you’ll have built a business with an asset value of 7 figures. You can generate a residual income in the 6 to 7 figure range. We’re talking drink out of a coconut money.

And some of these people will not invest the time and sometimes money to learn the skills of a Network Marketing professional.

News Alert: You don’t make 7 figures doing ANYTHING without developing the skills to master it.

You need to learn how to find and attract prospects. You need to become skilled at inviting people to take a look at your business. You need to be able to present, either online or off. You need to be able to teach your team how to succeed.

There is a ton of information available on the web to help you. There are YouTube videos, blogs and webinars galore. Your company and your upline probably have a lot of training materials as well.

Then there are a variety of courses you can purchase to learn skills such as how to blog effectively and use social media to generate leads. How to write copy and write letters to communicate with your customers and prospects. How to work on your mindset. These will require an investment of money as well as time. But I promise you, you will accelerate your learning if you buy the courses produced by legitimate heavy hitters in the industry.

I invested a little over $3300 in training programs last year. I’ll invest more this year. Each course, each subscription helps me add value to the marketplace and make myself better and better at the profession. It will do the same for you.

If you’re looking for solid training to master internet marketing for lead generation, this is a good place to start.

Network Marketing Success Tips #3 – Consistently work a plan of action and don’t quit

Mindset is great.

Knowledge is great.

The power, though, comes from applying your knowledge on a daily basis in order to achieve results.

grow your businessYou need to decide, up front, that this business of yours is worth building. That it is worth the frustration you will surely experience as you grow.

Barring a fluke of luck, you will not become radically successful overnight.

It will likely take you between 2 and 4 years of consistent effort, putting in 7 to 10 hours per week, to achieve walk-away-from-your-job money. It will probably take another 2 to 4 years after that to hit high 6 or possibly even 7 figures in income.

The question is, will you do it?

Will you follow a daily plan of action, such as the one here, consistently, day after day, in order to achieve network marketing success?

Only you can decide that for yourself.

Nothing we do in this business is particularly difficult.

But the work must be done.

Will you stick to your plan and make the contacts and follow ups or will you be distracted by hobbies, TV or whatever?

This business should not consume all of your non-work hours, but it should fully consume that 7 to 10 per week. To succed, you MUST make it a priority.

Every day.

Don’t be the person who gives up a little at a time. Who lets the distractions overtake the plan “just this once” and then “just this once more” until you have no habits of success and no business. Don’t be the person who gives up and then tells you network marketing doesn’t work.

Make your plan. Work it every day.

And never give up.

Network Marketing Success Tips – Bonus Round – Next steps

If you’re ready to get busy and put a plan into action to crush your network marketing goals, a really good next step would be to check out this online marketing system. This system has helped develop more leaders and serious income earners than anything else in the industry I’m aware of.

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